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Yellowfins Up to Bat with Red Snapper on Deck!

Posted on May 27th, 2020 by Captain Chandler

The legendary Venice, Louisiana fishing grounds continue to deliver on Yellowfin Tuna and Swordfish as well as other pelagic species. Champion Charters is OPEN FOR BUSINESS and is ready to get you out to the grounds to take full advantage of this great action. We’re also ready for Red Snapper season to open on June 1st! The Venice hotels and restaurants have reopened and we’re all ready to welcome you back to the Yellowfin Tuna Capital of the world! Let’s get to the latest fishing report:

The Yellowfin Tuna are Thick

We’re hitting the Gulf of Mexico in our custom 36′ and 39′ Yellowfins with our livewells crammed with live pogies and hardtails. We’re also loaded down with chunk baits to make sure that we cover all of our bases, Our clients have been relaxing in comfort and safety as we rip it out to the tuna grounds to find the Tuna of a lifetime.

Once we arrive at the target zone and get our baits in the water, we’re being greeted by huge Yellowfin Tunas ranging in size from 50 lbs to 60 lbs with the occasional fish weighing up to 100 lbs! Book your trip NOW to get in on this incredible Tuna action!

Blackfins Are Thick Too

While fishing – and catching- big Yellowfins, our clients are enjoying some stellar Blackfin Tuna fishing too. There are some nice Blackfins mixed in with the Yellowfin schools and these Blackfins are in the 15 lb to 25 lb range. They’re tackle busters too!

Red Snapper Season Opens!

The world famous Venice, Louisiana Red Snapper Season opens on June 1st and everyone is preparing to catch their share of Red Gold! We at Champion Charters have been pre-fishing certain areas to zero in on where the Red Snapper are holding up so that our clients can catch their limit of huge Red Snapper. Give us a call to book your Red Snapper experience!

Swordfishing Remains Steady

We continue to put our clients on Swordfish in the 150 lb to 300 lb range during our daytiming trips as well as our specialty overnight trips. When you book your trip, let us know if you want to vbook teh Tuna/Swordfish combination trip, where we target Yellowfins on the way out and target Swordfish once we’ve boated our limit of tunas. That’s what’s great about operating our 36′ and 39′ Yellowfins: We have the speed and range to tap BOTH fisheries…and more!

Overnight Fishing Experience

Our Overnight Trips, which leave the dock at Noon and return at Noon the following day are action-packed trips! Our anglers are catching large Wahoo (from 30 lbs to 80 lbs), Mahi Mahi and even a Blue Marlin or too during the daylight hours on our way out to the Tuna grounds by trolling various lures and lures rigged with dead baits.

We will fish our way offshore to the point that we can get set up for the dusk “witching hour” when Yellowfin Tuna and Blackfin Tuna launch into a feeding frenzy on schools of flying fish as we pitch live baits to them. After it gets dark, the action stays red-hot. We switch from live baits to “chunking” to keep the tunas around the boat and pitching jigs.

There is not time for rest as the bite is amazing all night! As the sun peeks above the horizon to begin the day, we’ll switch back to live baits as the first hour of daylight brings the big Yellowfins back on the bite.

Our Overnight Trips are worthy of your Bucket List. Call us NOW to book your Venice Overnight Trip to experience the angling experience of a lifetime!

Keep in mind that Champion Charters is in full compliance with CDC and State of Louisiana COVID guidelines. Our boats are continually cleaned and being offshore in the salt air is one of the best ways to AVOID infection. Fishing is great for your health and now is the best time to get out of the house!

As you can see, the Venice fishing trip of a lifetime awaits! Our Yellowfin Tuna/Red Snapper combo trips are booking up quickly as we near the June 1st opening date. The season is only open through August 1st so call us NOW to grab your spot!

Tight Lines,
Captain Chandler