Are Banana’s On Fishing Boats Bad Luck?!

Posted on August 14th, 2017 by Captain Chandler

If you haven’t heard, bringing bananas on a fishing boat is typically bad luck. In fact, old and grumpy captains have been known to cancel trips when a group shows up with a sack of bananas. But hey, they make great snacks when offshore fishing right?

I don’t warn my customers about this ancient myth and 1 out of 5 groups show up with them. While I would advise you to leave the bananas at the dock, I totally cracked the myth AGAIN this week. Just check out this funny photo with a great group of clients we had getting on a nice tuna!

The tuna have been ranging in the 60 to 100 pound range and they are going to keep getting bigger as we approach the fall season which has the biggest tuna of the year. If you have been waiting for the biggest tuna of the year to book your trip, I highly recommend you get on the calendar for September and October if I have your day available.

That’s the report for now.

Please give myself or Sonny a call today to check the calendar and see what we have available for you.