FAQ - Venice Louisiana Fishing Charters

Here are some common questions before booking a Venice Louisiana Fishing Charter.  Venice has some of the best Tuna fishing in the world and you can expect a top of the line experience with fishing with Champion Charters!

What accommodations do you recommend?

    10350614_887988067893760_4011076446646203577_n    Offshore fishing charters

Do we bring our own cooler for food / drinks?

  • Yes but bring one that is not too large as we have to move it every time we stop to fish.

Do you get much Wahoo?

  • In the summer time, the wahoo pile up on the rips and we often catch them, however the Winter (January-March) is much better if you want to target Wahoo.

How long is the trip?

  • Day trips are approximately 10 hours (unless unsafe weather conditions force us in or delay our departure. A safe enjoyable, experience is our main focus)
  • Dock time varies depending on the type of live bait we target at different times of the year

How many people can you accommodate?

  • 1-6 People per boat

What is included?

What can we expect to catch?  

  • Target Species: Yellowfin Tuna, Blackfin Tuna, Wahoo, Swordfish, Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Amberjack, Cobia, Various Snapper Species, Various Shark Species
  • Yellowfin Tuna are the primary target daily but we will also target other species if they are around before or after tuna fishing.
  • Click HERE for our seasonal species chart

What’s an average size tuna in Venice, Louisiana.

  • We target Yellowfin Tuna foremost.
  • Average tuna is 30-100 pounds with some fish exceeding 200 pounds
  • Tunas typically yield 70% of their total weight as meat
  • The bigger fish are typically caught in numbers September-mid April but there are big ones  that stay around all year.

How far do you go?

  • Depending on conditions, anywhere from 5 miles to 70 miles but wherever the fish are. There are no fences out there and they move quite a bit so we stay with them

How big is the crew? 

  • Typical crew is Capt. Chandler and a deck hand

Do you fish with live bait?

  • We use both live bait and dead bait. Many times the dead bait will out fish live bait when chunked and vice versa.  Leave it to Captain Chandler to decide what is best to use for the day you book.

Venice Louisiana Fishing
How much does fuel cost? 

We now offer flat rate trips with fuel included which most customers prefer, but if you are on a plus fuel rate you can expect on a day trip we will burn around a 180 gallons, give or take 25 gallons. Due to heavy Gulf of Mexico currents and changing river stages clean water will push in and out so some days we are forced to run a little further.  In my eyes if it takes an extra 50 gallons to fill the box so be it.

Are the trip kids friendly?

  • Kid’s under 16 are required to wear a life jacket. It is best that you bring your own fitted life jacket as the child will need to wear it the full length of the tip.
  • We do not take infants or kids under 7 years old. These are hardcore fishing trips that go about 12 hours and we ask your crew be ready for a hardcore fishing adventure.

Do I need to give you a deposit to reserve a trip date?

  • Yes. We require a $600.00 Deposit to reserve the date on our calendar
  • We accept Visa, Mastercard, , Discover, PayPal for Deposits
  • The Deposit is non-refundable
  • If weather is to cancel the trip we will work with you to reschedule your trip to a later date. Your deposit is good for 2 years to reschedule your trip.

Is Captain Chandler a full-time Captain?

  • Yes. Captain Chandler lives to fish and fishes to live
  • You will be fishing with Captain Chandler and nobody else unless you require a 2 boat trip for a party of 6 people or more.

What kind of boat will we be fishing on?

  • We have a 36’ and 39’ Yellowfin. Yellowfins are one of the premier center console fishing machines on the water today. The best in my opinion
  • The 36’ is powered by Triple Yamaha 300 HP and outfitted with the latest Garmin electronics.
  • The 39’ is powered by Triple 350 Yamaha HP and outfitted with the latest Simrad electronics.
  • These boats are extremely fast but comfortable with a cruise speed of 53 mph. It’s not hard to figure out how we beat everyone else to the fishing grounds
  • Safety and comfort is second to none and one of the main reasons we operate Yellowfin boats is because they are extremely dry even in unfavorable conditions.

What is required to book?

  • $600 deposit to hold the date
  • You will owe the remainder of the trip the day of the trip

What if the weather is bad?

  • We will move your deposit around to a different date
  • If another date doesn’t work for you in the near future your deposit is good for 2 years so there is plenty of time for rescheduling.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

  • Deposit of $600is required when booking a trip. All deposits are nonrefundable! Deposits will  be good to be moved to a later date if weather is the reason for cancellation.

    If client is to cancel the trip it must be within 30 days of booked date and the deposit can be moved to a future date. If client is to cancel within the 30 day period the deposit will be lost. If canceled by client within 48 hours or they are a “no show” the deposit and full charter rate will be owed!

    Deposit money is used to fuel and prepare the boat – not just to hold the date – so it’s very important that you communicate with us regarding your plans.

    In the event of severe weather or impassable seas, we will work together to reschedule your trip. There is nothing we can do to control the weather and your safety is our priority. If storms or severe weather prevents us from fishing – you are welcome to use that deposit towards booking another date.