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Venice Tuna Fishing Has Picked Up!

Posted on April 23rd, 2018 by Captain Chandler

The tuna fishing has started to really pick up, in fact we are in full swing!  We are catching them solid.  Having quality bait has been the difference including fresh pogies and hardtails.   After you catch bait, we blast out to the floating oil rigs and fish until about noon and then we go sword fishing unless you want to tuna fish all day long.

And the swordfish are still are goto transition in the afternoons after we have put some tuna in the boat.  Dropping deep has yielded a lot of fish this year! In fact we are up to 19 fish caught!  Absolutely on fire.

The snapper season is opening June 1st and we don’t have an end date.  But it is usually 2 to 3 weeks.  I recommend you book your snapper trips now as we only have few dates left.  Let’s load up!

The size of the tuna are ranging from about 60 to 80 pounds with a 100 pounder throw in there.

Amerjack season is also opening up May 1st.  Another fun fish we can target after we load the boat with Tuna.

The other day we had a blue marlin take the bait.  We lost it after a short fight, but they are always possibility.

The wahoo have shown up big time.

And deep dropping for tile fish has been great.  We have caught a few.  More of a bi-catch for swordfish.

Big Tuna are our speciality though!


Tuna Fishing


We have dates available in June and July still. I recommend you get in the books asap.  Remember we are all inclusive and for only $400 per person you can enjoy world class fishing with us.

Tight Lines,
Captain Chandler

Tuna Fishing is Getting Back To Normal!

Posted on March 29th, 2018 by Captain Chandler

It has been a weird couple weeks here in Venice, Louisiana.  For the first time in a long time, the tuna fishing was slow.  I believe the season transition started early or a combination of late in the year cold fronts, but whatever it is, we are glad fishing is picking back up.  To make up for the lack of tuna, we have been targeting the next best thing: swordfish! I have had the opportunity to learn from one of the best sword fisherman and honed the skill over years.  With a little luck on my side and a great crew, we have been crushing them.  In fact on one trip we boated 4 fish!


So that has been the story as of late.  Instead of struggling with a slow tuna bite, we have been putting our clients on the hot swordfish bite instead.  Checking my years of log books, I have not seen a swordfish bite like this in a long time.  I believe we are better at targeting them now and catching them during the day takes some real expertise, but some other factors such as wind, tides, moon, currents, etc all come into play with targeting swords.

One thing that remains constant is if you get a good bait in front of them, they will most likely eat it!  This is why we take our time to prepare the bait just right. Whether we use squid, mahi mahi bellies, mackerel, etc, we take the extra time to sew and prepare it just right.  When your bait is very deep you want the best opportunity and most of the time a swordfish will wack the bait with their sharp bill, so it important that the bait can withstand the attack so that they will come back and eat it.  Fish on!

Check out this lit up fish in cobalt blue water we brought home for the grill:

Swordfish in Blue Water

As I mentioned, the tuna fishing is starting to turn around we are also entering our wahoo season.  While I am still fishing for swordfish, I’m ready to get back into the meat of our prized Yellowfin Tuna and put some sushi on the table.  This was an awesome day last month and your typical day in April.  So I look forward to getting back into the grind and giving my anglers some sore arms!

I still have some dates open in April and we are filling up the rest of the spring into summer.  I always recommend as soon as you know your dates, to give us a call and book them, because they go fast.

Tight Lines,
Captain Chandler