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Winter Is Here In Venice Louisiana

Posted on January 19th, 2016 by Captain Chandler

The winter season is here and we are targeting the big TUNA!  Everyday is different here in the winter, which is why I am always so stoked to get out there and read what mother natures gives us.

The past week has been rather consistent.  A lot of sharks and kingfish around, making it a challenge to get our big tuna’s to the boat and also a lot of big jacks!  When we do get a Tuna to eat, they have been so fired up from the cold water temperatures. Absolutely peeling drag and making our anglers work.


While our #1 target is Yellowfin Tuna, some of my customers have really enjoyed big kingfish smoking runs.  The meat quality is good for the smoker and some clients have shared some interesting recipes with me that I will have to try as normally we throw most of the kings back.

As we get to the end of this month we are booking out for our wahoo season coming up.  If you have not fished the wahoo season with us, it is absolutely incredible.

The size and quality of the wahoo caught are unreal and some of the best in the country.


We are honored to be voted the top charter boat for 2015 again by We work hard to put our clients on the fish and there is a lot that goes on in the background to ensure all our charters get the best chance at a trophy fish.

We are off tomorrow and will be doing the boat maintenance and re-lining our reels with fresh line.

Give us a call to book your adventure.


Captain Chandler

The Fall Big Tuna Are Here!

Posted on November 11th, 2015 by Captain Chandler

This is my favorite time of year, the temperatures have cooled off and the big fish are here. I love our summer fishery, but it’s always fun to get on a fish that is screaming drag and pushing 200 pounds when landed.

Lately we have been running a little further out for our clients and passing the rest of the fleet. It has really been paying off as we have been coming back to the docks with some great catches. We built this 36 yellowfin with triple 300 Yamahas so that we can beat the fleet and get you out there safely and comfortably. We have been doing just that. We repowered here in 2015 to ensure our customers always have the best shot at fish on the trips to Venice.

The fish have been in the 100lb range lately with some really bruisers. As we approach later in November, I expect the bigger fish to be a likable option each day and I’m looking for a record this year for my clients.

Here are some photos of the bigger fish that we have caught here in Venice. I still have a few dates available for the fall and have many openings as we approach the winter. Give me a call to setup your trip. I gotta get back to the boat.

Tight Lines,
Captain Chandler





dock 164

Why Yellowfin Tuna?

Posted on September 8th, 2015 by Captain Chandler

Why have we spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on our boat?  Thousands on the best tackle and gear? And thousands of hours out at sea chasing these sea creatures.  Simply put, Tuna are awesome! From the epic fight to the high quality sushi grade meat, the quest for Yellowfin tuna is absolutely a thrill.

Venice Louisiana, is one of the top destinations in the world for Yellowfin and we target them year round. Our customers fly in from all over the country and many drive over 10 hours just to have a shot at these amazing fish.  While many of trips yield multiple fish, our clients are usually spent after the first couple fish as they can scream drag on size 50 tackle.

Recently we have been seeing some bigger fish and our fall fishing season is just around the corner with fish pushing 200 pounds a realistic shot every day.

So why Yellowfin Tuna? One look at this picture and I think you will understand.



Venice Tuna Fishing Video

Posted on September 5th, 2015 by Captain Chandler

With all the crazy chaos in the cockpit lately, we have preparing some exciting new videos. With the fall fishing season coming up, we are looking forward to fishing with many repeat customers that share the passion for Venice, LA. that we do. Here is a video from the Robert Law party that shows how crazy the fishing can get and in the fall the fish are even bigger! This is why we take a timeout to do all the maintenance on our tackle and boat to ensure you have the best opportunity to get on trophy tuna when you book with us.

The Biggest Tuna Of The Year Are Here!

Posted on September 1st, 2015 by Captain Chandler

The fall fishing is right around the corner and some of the biggest tuna of the year are here with fishing pushing the 200 pound mark. A lot of of our past customers are already booked and we look forward to fishing with them. If you would like a chance at some of the biggest tuna we see here in Venice, please give me a call to book your charter.

September – December are awesome months and some of my favorite for tuna fishing.  We always watch the weather, so give us a call and let us book the ultimate offshore tuna trip.

Here are pictures from last year’s fall season to give you an idea of what we catch.

Awesome Summer Venice Tuna Fishing!

Posted on August 19th, 2015 by Captain Chandler

We have a little break because the weather has been keeping us from getting out but we are still managing to put a box together! We will hopefully dodge the thunderstorms in the am and get back to the tuna fish! When the weather cooperates, the fishing has been world class. I tell my clients on any given day you have a chance at a real trophy tuna and that is our passion in putting you on the fish.  I have to get back to rigging for tomorrows trip, but here are some pictures.  We have open dates, so please give me a call to setup your tuna sportfishing trip.  Fall is some of my favorite fishing as we get the BIGGEST TUNA of the year.  Ask me which dates I think are your best shot and let’s get out there.  Tight Lines, Captain Chandler.

Now here’s the pics:

tuna3 tuna4 tuna5 tuna6

Venice Is Heating Up Wahoo and Tuna!

Posted on May 18th, 2015 by Captain Chandler

We have been fishing with some great customers. It is always a pleasure to get out there with all walks of people from across the country and put them on some world class tuna fishing. This spring featured some awesome wahoo and tuna fishing with some really notable wahoo being caught. Not to disappoint the tuna fishing has been very good, but the weather was spotty for a little while there. We look forward to the glass seas of the summer here and getting you out to the fishing grounds first.

We took the boat to the shop this year and re-powered with brand new 2015 Yamaha 300 horsepower engines. Our commitment to our customers is to put you on the fish fast and efficiently (less fuel bill).

We are at the camp now rigging up for tomorrows trip, so here are a few pictures of some nice tuna we caught. If you are looking for the best tuna fishing in the world, give us a call. We have a few dates open in May and June/July are booking up fast.