Entering Our Summer Tuna Season

Posted on May 10th, 2017 by Captain Chandler

What a spring it has been here in Venice, Louisiana!  This has easily been one of the best  years we have seen for tuna fishing in a long time and I expect it to continue throughout May and into June/July.   The tuna have ranged in the 60 to 100 pound range with some whoopers thrown in.

Venice LA Tuna Fishing Guides

I am super excited to announce that we just took delivery of the new boat.  It is similar to our other 36′ Yellowfin however it includes some awesome new technology, motors, etc that will help us in putting you on the fish.  It is my passion to give my clients that highest end gear, boat and captain experience possible each and every trip which I was I am always updating and keeping with the changes in the industry.  The new motors are more efficient than my previous ones which means a less fuel bill at the end of the trip as well as faster cruise speeds to the fishing grounds.

Here is a sneak peak at our new 36′ Yellowfin with Triple Yamahas.

Tuna Fishing Boat


Now on to the tuna…we are switching up our fishing strategy as we now have live bait including threadfins and porgys in the area.  With the live bait we are fishing the floating oil rigs and having our best success early in the morning, however some days we are getting the bites in the middle of the day as well.  Looking for temperature breaks, birds, rips, etc has all lead to finding the tuna.

Big Tuna

As we cruise out in search of tuna, we are finding beautiful rips and edges that have been holding really good Mahi.  While tuna is just about 99% of our focus, I don’t think any of our clients have told us to keep running past one of the most beautiful fish in the ocean, the mahi mahi.  A fish of about 20-3olbs is always a rush and puts up a great fight on spinning tackle. We are also getting them on live bait, however mahi will eat trolled lures and dead baits as well.

Mahi Mahi In Venice LA

As the temperature continues to get warmer here in Venice, LA, we will be looking to get on the fish earlier in the morning by beating the fleet. If you can book a weekday, I always recommend it, however weekends are fine as there is a lot of area to fish even with several boats out there.  The best time to go tuna fishing in Venice, is when you can go!  It is a year round fishery here, however there are times of the year when the fish are bigger.  In the next couple months the average fish size will be between 40 and 80 pounds with the trophy going over 100.  These are NOT small fish and put a hurting on my anglers as tuna are pure muscle.  It is an awesome feat when you land one.  Are you up for the challenge?

That’s the report for now. I have a few dates left in May and several in June/July. Please call me to make a reservation for your Tuna Adventure and I look forward to fishing with you.

Tight Lines,
Captain Chandler