Overnight Tuna Fishing Trips in Venice La

Posted on July 3rd, 2018 by Captain Chandler

August is some of our favorite fishing of the year.  It gives us the opportunity to take advantage of predictable weather and the fish feeding at night.   We leave in the late afternoon and come back the next day. Fishing all night opens up a whole new opportunity for my August clients.  It allows us to not only target them during the dark when they are feeding, but also get that first light bite which sometimes is the best.  Call us to see what days we have available and let’s make it an adventure.

Fishing Report:

Our day trips are doing better now.  There was a lull period there for a while where the tuna were basically gone.  I hate when that happens, but that is fishing.  We want our customers to catch tuna more than they do, so it is really heart breaking when that happens, but I’m happy to report we are back in them.  When they were absent we were making up for it with snappers, mahi and even had a blue marlin we released.


Let’s hope it gets better everyday.  I have 11 trips in a row coming up and will be reporting everyday on Facebook, so be sure to follow us.

Tight Lines,
Captain Chandler