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Butterballs Aren’t Just for Thanksgiving (Biggest Fish Ever!)

Posted on December 12th, 2017 by Captain Chandler

The Holiday Season is in full swing and so is the BIG YELLOWFIN TUNA BITE out of Venice, Louisiana! The Champion Charters Team can barely get to the offshore tuna grounds without double and triple headers!

We’ve been shadowing the shrimp boat fleet (yes, even a few “Jennys” are out there) in order to target Yellowfin Tunas and Blackfin Tunas. This is one of the most exciting Fall/Winter fisheries in the Continental United States as our anglers get to pick and choose which tuna they want to hook. The cobalt-blue water offshore is so clean and clear that we literally watch the tunas come up into spread of baits. Are you looking for a 200-pounder? Cast over there at 3 o’clock…and hang on. Do you want something in the 60-pound class? Here you go…pitch just behind the motors.

Fishing near the shrimp boats is an experience unto itself as our anglers get to watch them work to harvest their bumper crop of shrimp. As the shrimp boats “do their thing,” various tuna species and other predators stage behind the boats as scrumptious morsels known as “by-catch” drift slowly in the boats’ wake.

The Champion Charters Team knows just how to take advantage of this situation. Using our world-class Yellowfin Center Console to maneuver our anglers with surgical precision, we place our live baits between the tunas and the all-you-can-eat buffet streaming off the stern of the shrimp boats. This is where the magic happens. The huge tunas cannot resist our baits that are the size of hog legs.

Our anglers return to the dock with tired arms and huge, toothy smiles. Then it’s our turn to have tired arms as we clean hundreds of pounds of the choicest, sushi-grade tuna you’ve ever seen.

Come join us for an angling experience for the entire family and for memories that will last a lifetime. Call us now to book your trip!

Tight Lines,

Captain Chandler

P.S. This is one of the biggest fish we have caught to date!

Biggest yellowfin in Venice