The Big Fish Are Here!

Posted on October 3rd, 2017 by Captain Chandler

The number one question I get asked by our customers is, “When Is The Best Time Of Year To Catch Big Tuna?”.  Well, now is the time!  We have had an unreal past couple weeks with some of the best fishing we have seen in years.  Our fall season is always incredible here in Venice, Louisiana, but there is something absolutely special going on this year.  Looking at my captains journal and logs from the previous years, we were not into the big fish quite this early.  It’s possible due to the tropical disturbances, that things kicked off early. I believe this will be the story of the entire fall and into the winter.  As long as we get good weather, we are going to have a great chance at some really big fish on each and every trip.

Now onto our recent catches.

Check out the fish our group did great reeling in (Great job guys!):

Venice Tuna Fishing

As the temperatures begin to cool off, we will be switching gears a little bit in order to put our anglers on the fish, but one thing will remain consistent, the fish are BIG and test our anglers.  We have beefed up our leader and tackle size to ensure you always have the best chance at landing a pure monster out here.

Monster Tuna

Other than tuna, there has been some good sized mahi, marlin and swordfish on the deep drops, however our focus is 100% to put you on the big tuna as this is surely the best time of the year.  We still have dates available in October, November and December, so I highly recommend you reserve your trip right away to take advantage of this great tuna fishing bite.

If you have never fished in Venice, LA before, it is one of those places every fisherman must experience at least once.  Once you arrive to the area, you will smell the clean salt air and soon realize why we are famous for Tuna fishing.  You will be staying at the beautiful Marina/Hotel – Cypress Cove.  We keep our boat only steps away from your room, so that you may just hop on in the morning with your hot cup of coffee.

Once on our brand new 2017 36 foot Yellowfin boat, we will make our run to the fishing grounds.  Powered by triple 300 Yamaha motors, we are one of the fastest boats in the fleet, getting you to the fish first in order to give you the best opportunity at catching trophies.  All our trips our full days (not overnights), so time management is always our priority to ensure we use every minute wisely.

We may stop to get live bait early in the am when we know the fish are biting best on live baits.  Here we are throwing the cast net to fill the wells.

As we proceed offshore, we are looking for shrimp boats, birds, busts, etc.  Anything to give us signs of tuna.  By running trips daily (100% full time) and keeping excellent log books on tides, winds, moon phases and various other patterns, we have a huge advantage over the part-time fleet that only fish on the weekends.

As we begin to get into the fish, we will coach you no matter your age or experience level.  In fact, we even have young kids tackle tuna over one hundred pounds regularly.  Be ready for a battle than can last an hour depending on how big the fish is.

When you get the fish close to the boat,  we are ready with the gaff to bring her inside the boat.  High fives and large smiles shorty ensue and you have done it!

Back at the marina, we clean and bag all your fish (we don’t sell your fish!, Beware).  We have ice here as well and all you need is your cooler.  If you are from out of town, you can check your cooler with your airline or we can use Fedex to ship your catch back home carefully packed in a styrofoam cooler and the right amount of ice.  Our marina can handle that for your as well. Either way you are going home with a long time supply of fresh Yellowfin.  Sushi, grilled steaks, sashimi.. It’s up to you.

That’s the report for now, please give us a call to book your trip. If you have fished with us before, I welcome you to come back and experience some of the best fishing in the world.

Venice Tuna Fishing

Tight Lines,
Captain Chandler