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The Wahoo Bite is Off the Hook!

Posted on February 18th, 2019 by Captain Chandler

As you know by now, Venice is one of the premier Yellowfin Tuna fisheries in the world. However, someone forgot to tell the huge Wahoo that we’ve been catching over the past month!

We’re hitting the Gulf of Mexico in our custom 36′ and 39′ Yellowfins with our livewells crammed with live mullet and hardtails. Our clients have been relaxing in comfort and safety as we rip it out to the tuna grounds to find the tunas.

However, on the way to the Yellowfin grounds, we’re getting into thick Wahoo schools. We’re getting shots on Islander lures rigged with ballyhoo, trolled at 7-9 knots. Right now, the colors that work the best are pink, blue/white and purple/black.

We have been averaging 5 to 8 Wahoo per trip! As you can see in the picture above, we’ve been coming back with many more. Even though we’re fishing top-flight tackle, these Wahoo are melting drags and burning biceps! Few pelagic species can match the scorching runs of which Wahoo are capable.

Don’t Worry. The Tunas are Still Around Too.

The Yellowfin Tunas aren’t going to take this Wahoo invasion lightly. The Yellowfins have also been ferocious and have not passed up any of our baits either.

As we move into the Springtime Yellowfin bite, we’ll continue to see more bites as the Yellowfins return to the feeding grounds that they left for the winter.

Once we arrive at the target zone and get our baits in the water, we’re being greeted by huge Yellowfin Tunas ranging in size from 20 to 40 pounds and larger!

There are also big Blackfin Tuna mixed in with the Yellowfins and they’re ready for a fight! Some trophy sharks are lurking for a slugfest once we catch our limit of tunas, which does not take long.

Come join me to take advantage of this unreal Wahoo action and jumbo Yellowfin activity. We’re running two custom We still have a few dates available in February and March is starting to fill up as well. Give us a call to set up your trip. Let’s get into the bite!

Tight Lines,
Captain Chandler

Venice, La Wahoo and Tuna Fishing

Posted on January 25th, 2014 by Captain Chandler

Well hunting seasons over and it’s time to get back to the fishing! You can say it’s anything but cold right now in Venice, because the fishing is on fire! With this past week of decent weather the wahoo bite has been on! With numerous rigs extremity close in has held plenty of wahoo ranging from 40 to 60 lbs class, and in most cases double digit bites and hauls!

The lump fishing by all means is full of life! Some days about a mile from approaching the lump you can see giant schools of bait getting exploded by tunas, big king macrales,etc. Most fish caught off the lump are hand fed. While chumming the waters it seems every piece of bait you throw in gets eaten by some kind fish! Before you know it the rods are bent over and drags are screaming! Most will say this time of year is their favorite, it’s defiantly mine! Most days we’re not having to travel further than 30 miles out before we’re on fish! At just 1 of the many lumps you can catch big yellow fin tunas ranging from 60 to 150 lbs class and sometimes even bigger than that like 180 to 200plus class!! 7 out of the top 10 gulf record yft’s is from the world famous Midnight Lump! Also there are usually many huge blackfin tunas ranging from the 15 to 30lb class.

The wahoos are also plentiful at our lumps, not to mention many different species of delicious bottom fish such as, amberjacks, bee-line snapper, lane snapper, and also grouper. So when the wind isn’t blowing gather your buddies put on a coat and some boots and call me to book a charter! Now is the time to book a trip of a life time!!